Wednesday, June 24, 2015: 7:00am-8:30am

Come and join Salem’s Enterprise BNI Chapter for a TEDx inspired event featuring talks by Jodi Smith from Mannersmith and Dr. Jeffrey Gold from Gold Direct Care. Both speaker’s presentations will be in typical TEDx format and geared around not only helping your small business, but also to spark communication and conversation in the local community!

Dr. Jeffrey Gold: Moving Toward Direct Primary Care and How It Can Help With Costs and Wading Through the Sea of Red Tape!

Direct Primary Care brings the relationship back between the patient and the doctor as the main focus of healthcare. By eliminating third party involvement for primary care, patients can obtain affordable, accessible and high value care. Insurance is then used for what it was intended, unexpected major insurable events. How this new view of healthcare can benefit both employers and employees.

Jodi Smith: How Protocols and the Power of First Impressions Impacts the Perception of You and Your Company!

In the rush of our busy lives, few of us take the time to truly consider the messages we continuously broadcast out into the world. Whether carefully crafted or completely unintentional, our attire, behavior and communication send very specific signals to others. Improve your behaviors and your business will follow.

Due to limited seating, please reserve your seat at this event by emailing

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